Saturday, December 30, 2006

Two for Three at St. Benedict's

St. Benedict's Tournament, December 29, 2006
* 13 Schools Competing *

1st match: Benjy Meth drops a heart-breaker to Melvin Lara (St. Benedict's). F 3:20
2nd match: Benjy pins Anthony Bankings (Elizabeth). F 2:45
3rd match: Benjy pins Mike Perez (Belleville), F 1:18

Season record, now 9:2

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Victory at Tri-Match

Kushner vs. Montclair Kimberly & Lyndhurst (at Montclair Kimberly )
December 27, 2006

1st match: (145-lbs. division) vs. Lyndhurst
Benjy Meth is down 5-1 in 2nd period when Mark Basile (Lyndhurst) executes a throw. Benjy counters, hits an elevation roll and pins Basile. (Note: Basile was a District semi-finalist last year for NJSIA Distric XV).

2nd match: (152-lbs. division) vs. Montclair Kimberly
Benjy wrestles up one weight class for a first-period (31-second) pin against Mike Dellapenna.

Season record, now 7:1

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Victory over St. Mary's

Kushner vs. St. Mary's (East Rutherford) at Kushner
December 21, 2006.

1st match: (145-lbs. division)
It's tied 8-8 in 3rd period when Mike Scrozzo, in control, sinks the half. Benjy Meth clamps down, steps over and pins opponant with twenty seconds left on the clock. Coach still isn't happy. Calls Benjy an asshole.

2nd match: (152-lbs. division)
Benjy is spent from first match but Coach sends him out again for an exhibition. Benjy gets caught in a cradle but pops out, executes cement job and pins opponant in first period.

Season record, now 5:1

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Victory in Tenafly

Kushner vs. Tenafly at Tenafly
December 20, 2006.
(152-lbs. division)
Benjy Meth victorious in 2nd period after racking up 16-to-1 point differential.
Not bad after an all-day puker.
Season record, now 3:1

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It Starts in Bayonne

Kushner at Bayonne Tournament, December 17, 2006.
Wrestling season officially opened.
Many Kushner wrestlers Nancy'd out & stayed home, but team captain Benjy Meth (145-lbs. division) goes 2 and 1 (dropping the first match, then wrestling back).

Season Record - 2:1